white and black farmhouse

15 Modern Farmhouse Exterior Colors for a Great First Impression: White, Black, and Beyond


In this article, we will guide you through the exciting world of modern farmhouse exterior colors. Choosing the perfect color palette for your farmhouse home can be a daunting task, but fear not! Our design experts have handpicked their favorite hues that will make a lasting impression. Get ready to transform your home’s exterior into a stunning masterpiece!

1. Sherwin Williams Snowbound

Achieve a timeless and elegant look with Sherwin Williams Snowbound. This crisp white shade adds a touch of freshness to your modern farmhouse, creating a captivating contrast with the natural surroundings. Let your home shine with the inviting allure of Snowbound.

2. Benjamin Moore French Beret

For a moody and sophisticated vibe, Benjamin Moore French Beret is the perfect choice. Its deep black hue complements both dark and white windows, adding a striking visual element against a lush green landscape. Embrace the allure of French Beret for a captivating farmhouse exterior.

3. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Add warmth and character to your farmhouse exterior with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. This bright white shade strikes the perfect balance, avoiding an overly stark appearance. Embrace the inviting charm of Chantilly Lace for a traditional yet captivating color choice.

4. Benjamin Moore Galveston Gray

Introduce subtle accents to your farmhouse exterior with Benjamin Moore Galveston Gray. This softer gray/black color adds a modern touch to your home, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. Enhance your farmhouse’s appeal with the natural tones of Galveston Gray.

5. Benjamin Moore Providence Blue

Inject a playful and inviting color into your farmhouse exterior with Benjamin Moore Providence Blue. This vibrant shade adds a touch of personality without overwhelming the overall aesthetic. Let Providence Blue become the delightful focal point of your farmhouse.

6. Benjamin Moore Simply White

Embrace the timeless beauty of black and white with Benjamin Moore Simply White. This soft white shade, paired with pops of black accents, creates a classic and sophisticated farmhouse look. Allow the harmonious blend of black and white to elevate your farmhouse’s style.

7. Benjamin Moore Stonecutter

Discover the captivating charm of Benjamin Moore Stonecutter. This lighter shade of black, with teal and slate undertones, adds a touch of intrigue to your farmhouse’s exterior. Embrace the elegant and rustic fusion of mid-century modern and farmhouse aesthetics with Stonecutter.

8. Benjamin Moore White Dove

For a classic and timeless farmhouse exterior, Benjamin Moore White Dove is the ultimate choice. Its warm undertone beautifully complements sunlight, creating a soft and inviting ambiance. Let the enduring elegance of White Dove enhance the charm of your farmhouse.

9. Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Unleash your home’s bold personality with Sherwin Williams Iron Ore. This deep and moody shade of black exudes a cool and captivating vibe, turning heads and leaving a lasting impression. Embrace the allure of Iron Ore for a truly remarkable farmhouse exterior.

10. Sherwin Williams Pearly White

Achieve a refined and sophisticated farmhouse look with Sherwin Williams Pearly White. This warm white shade strikes the perfect balance between yellow and gray undertones, creating a timeless and elegant appeal. Let Pearly White elevate your farmhouse’s exterior to new heights.

11. Farrow & Ball Lichen

Infuse your farmhouse’s exterior with a soft green hue by choosing Farrow & Ball Lichen. This gentle shade beautifully harmonizes with the surrounding landscape, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. Embrace the natural beauty of Lichen for a truly captivating farmhouse exterior.

12. Sherwin-Williams Secret Garden

Escape into the enchanting beauty of Sherwin-Williams Secret Garden. This deep green hue offers a unique alternative to the traditional white farmhouse look, adding a touch of mystery and allure. Pair it with Sherwin-Williams Night Watch on the trim and doors to create a captivating farmhouse exterior that exudes sophistication and charm.

13. Benjamin Moore Hint of Mauve

Add a touch of whimsy to your modern farmhouse with Benjamin Moore Hint of Mauve. This delicate shade resembles dried flowers, exuding a subtle warmth and charm. Embrace the enchanting allure of Hint of Mauve to create a captivating farmhouse exterior.

14. Benjamin Moore Dusty Cornflower

For a pop of color that doesn’t overpower, consider Benjamin Moore Dusty Cornflower. This muted blue shade adds a subtle yet distinctive touch to your farmhouse exterior. Embrace the understated beauty of Dusty Cornflower for a farmhouse look that stands out in a refined way.

15. Benjamin Moore Sage

Create a serene and nature-inspired atmosphere with Benjamin Moore Sage. This muted green shade brings a sense of tranquility and peace to your farmhouse’s exterior. Let the soothing charm of Sage transform your home into a haven of relaxation.


With these 15 modern farmhouse exterior colors, you have an array of options to create a remarkable first impression. Whether you prefer timeless whites, moody neutrals, or playful pops of color, there’s a perfect shade to reflect your farmhouse’s unique style. Embrace the power of color and let your farmhouse exterior shine with its captivating charm.

Remember, your home only has one chance to make a first impression, so choose a color that resonates with your vision and creates a lasting impact. Get ready to transform your modern farmhouse into a true masterpiece that stands out in style and elegance.