Unveiling the Dominance: Musk’s Mastery of Twitter’s Top Tweets


The realm of social media experienced a seismic upheaval as Elon Musk, the prospective owner of Twitter, orchestrated an unprecedented display of dominance on the platform. Through a series of strategically crafted tweets, Musk claimed the top eight positions in the hierarchy of the most engaged tweets over the past week. This article delves into the intricacies of Musk’s social media triumph, dissecting the tweets that captivated millions and propelled his name to the forefront of the digital sphere.

Elon Musk’s Unparalleled Week on Twitter

Following his monumental commitment to acquire Twitter for a staggering $44 billion, Elon Musk embarked on a week that would solidify his influence on the platform. With meticulous finesse, he authored a series of tweets that collectively clinched the top eight spots in terms of user interactions—a feat that few users have ever achieved.

The Playful Triumph of Musk’s Top Tweet

Elon Musk’s most impactful tweet of the week ingeniously intertwined with the buzz surrounding his acquisition of Twitter. He playfully quipped, “Next I’m buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in.” This tweet, a witty nod to his colossal deal, resonated immensely with users, amassing over 850,000 retweets and an astounding 4.6 million likes within days of its posting. This engagement propelled it to the second most-liked tweet of all time, narrowly trailing the tweet announcing actor Chadwick Boseman’s passing.

Championing Free Speech: Musk’s Second Most-Liked Tweet

Musk’s influential reach extended to matters of free speech. In a tweet advocating for diverse viewpoints, he declared, “I hope my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means.” Garnering more than 3.3 million likes since its publication, this tweet secured the seventh spot among the most-liked tweets ever.

Strategic Timeliness of Musk’s Tweets

Analyzing the chronology of Musk’s tweets reveals a strategic pattern. Seven out of the top eight tweets were posted following the announcement of Twitter’s board accepting Musk’s acquisition proposal. This synchronicity underscores Musk’s skillful navigation of social media dynamics, capitalizing on moments of heightened interest and engagement.

A Unique Twist in Interaction

Interestingly, the ninth most popular tweet of the week was not authored by Musk himself. Insider journalist Dave Smith took the spotlight, leveraging a 2017 interaction with Musk. In the exchange, Smith suggested that Musk “should buy” Twitter, prompting Musk’s inquiry, “How much is it?” This interaction, albeit indirect, further accentuates the pervasive influence of Musk’s imminent ownership.

An Impressive Following

Elon Musk’s social media sway is further highlighted by his substantial following, with over 88.8 million individuals actively engaging with his tweets on Twitter.

Contextualizing Musk’s Twitter Ownership

The backdrop of Musk’s Twitter ownership sheds light on the significance of his tweets. Following his disclosure of purchasing a 9.2% stake in Twitter, he extended a substantial buyout offer, subsequently securing the title of Twitter’s largest shareholder. With a history of critiquing Twitter’s censorship practices, Musk’s intended ownership promises an environment embracing a diverse range of voices permissible within legal boundaries.

Anticipating the Future under Musk’s Control

Musk’s influence extends beyond Twitter itself. His commentary on the emergence of Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, reflects his perspective on free speech. Amidst these developments, the potential restoration of banned accounts, including former President Donald Trump’s, underscores the transformative potential of Musk’s influence.


Elon Musk’s foray into Twitter ownership reverberated through a week that will be etched in digital history. His masterful engagement led him to conquer the top echelons of Twitter’s engagement metrics. The playful and insightful nature of his tweets, coupled with their strategic timing, symbolize the dexterity with which Musk maneuvers the digital realm. As he navigates the uncharted waters of Twitter ownership, his impact on social media dynamics and the broader digital landscape remains a captivating narrative to watch unfold.