Trufflez Strain

Trufflez Strain: Exploring the Cannabis Journey with Rapper Moneybagg Yo


In the realm of cannabis, where exploration meets relaxation, rapper DeMario DeWayne White Jr., renowned as Moneybagg Yo, unveils his deep-seated affinity for the plant. As an artist who has experienced the evolution of marijuana consumption, Moneybagg Yo shares insights into his relationship with cannabis, its role in his creative process, and his collaboration with Trufflez Inc. to introduce an innovative NFT project in the cannabis domain.

Embracing the Cannabis Texture

“I just fell in love with weed, the texture. Now I like to learn more about it and when to use it, how to feel relaxed when smoking it,” Moneybagg Yo reflects on his journey with cannabis. While recognizing the potential risks of consuming marijuana at a young age, he emphasizes the importance of discipline and intentionality. He reveals that before performances and interviews, he refrains from using cannabis to maintain focus. However, during recording sessions, the synergy between cannabis and creativity becomes essential.

Discipline and Cannabis: A Balancing Act

According to Moneybagg Yo, the intertwining of discipline and cannabis is a delicate balancing act. He advocates for responsible consumption and highlights that dangers associated with cannabis can be mitigated by understanding one’s limits and intentions. Drawing a parallel, he shares, “For instance, I didn’t smoke before this interview, I don’t smoke before I do shows, I like to be fully focused on the work I do. I smoke when I’m in a studio and I want to think, I want to create or I want to relax. I know how to use cannabis.”

NFTs and Cannabis Collaboration

Moneybagg Yo’s exploration of cannabis led him to collaborate with Trufflez Inc., a vertically integrated cannabis company. Together with droppLabs, a Web3 solutions provider, they introduced the TrufflezNFT project. This groundbreaking initiative employs NFTs to represent and fractionally allocate intellectual property rights tied to proprietary cannabis strains. By purchasing a non-fungible token, individuals can engage with a licensed cannabis entity and enjoy a suite of perks, including discounts, access to exclusive products, profit sharing, and private events.

Navigating the NFT Landscape

Leo Hairapetian, CEO and co-founder of Trufflez, played a pivotal role in Moneybagg Yo’s immersion into the world of NFTs. The rapper expresses trust in Leo’s guidance and anticipates a rapid learning curve in understanding this digital domain. Moneybagg Yo believes that this collaboration has the potential to reshape the landscape of NFTs, ushering in a new era of digital interaction and engagement.

A Holistic Approach to Branding

Trufflez’s meticulous attention to detail aligns with Moneybagg Yo’s perception of the brand. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and community engagement resonates with the rapper’s values. By incorporating the NFT project, Trufflez aims to involve the public in its growth trajectory, fostering a sense of ownership and camaraderie.

Crypto’s Role in Cannabis

Kyle Kneubuhl, CFO of Trufflez, elucidates the rationale behind the NFT initiative. He cites the lingering legal complexities surrounding cannabis and the limitations they impose on traditional stock market entry. Kneubuhl advocates for the transformative potential of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Web3 platforms in circumventing these barriers and democratizing access to investment opportunities.

A Vision for Cannabis Legalization

Moneybagg Yo ardently supports the legalization of cannabis in the United States. He contends that the benefits of cannabis extend beyond recreational use and can serve as a tool for focus, relaxation, and emotional regulation. Challenging stereotypes, he emphasizes the importance of responsible usage and harnessing cannabis’s potential for positive impact.

Cannabis, Collaboration, and Creativity

Moneybagg Yo’s immersion in the world of cannabis extends beyond advocacy. His collaboration with Trufflez involves not only marketing but also strain selection and breeding. Together with Trufflez, he developed a novel strain named Truffle Bagg, reflecting his nuanced understanding of cannabis flavors, effects, and quality.

Evolving Perspectives: Cannabis and Community

In sharing his experiences, Moneybagg Yo underscores the evolving narrative surrounding cannabis. He cites personal interactions with industry icons such as Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, highlighting the educational and collaborative aspects of cannabis culture. These interactions reflect the profound impact cannabis has on creativity, community, and connection.


Moneybagg Yo’s journey with cannabis illuminates the multidimensional nature of the plant’s influence. From discipline to creativity, collaboration to advocacy, his experiences exemplify the transformative power of responsible cannabis consumption. His partnership with Trufflez not only forges a path in the NFT arena but also symbolizes the integration of cannabis into innovative ventures that shape the future of interaction, engagement, and experience.