Frank Abagnale's Net Worth

Frank Abagnale’s Net Worth: A Remarkable Journey of Redemption


Frank Abagnale, an American security consultant, has amassed a net worth of $10 million. His life story is one of intrigue and redemption, as he transformed from a notorious check forger and impostor into a renowned expert in fraud prevention. Abagnale’s exploits inspired the critically acclaimed film “Catch Me If You Can,” with Leonardo DiCaprio portraying his captivating journey.

Early Life and Criminal Ventures

A Youthful Start

Born on April 27, 1948, in Bronxville, New York, Frank Abagnale grew up with a French mother and an Italian American father. His parents divorced when he was 16 years old, marking a turning point in his life. Fascinated by his father’s white-collar business dealings, Frank embarked on a path that led him from petty crimes to more elaborate schemes.

The Path of Deception

Abagnale’s criminal career began when he exploited his father’s gas credit card at the age of 15. By convincing gas station attendants to give him cash in exchange for a portion of the sale, he pocketed a portion of the proceeds. However, his fraudulent activities were exposed when his father received the credit card bill.

In 1964, Frank enlisted in the United States Navy but faced discharge after three months due to forgery charges. He continued down a path of deception, stealing a Ford Mustang and being featured in a local newspaper alongside an FBI agent. Abagnale’s knack for writing bad checks and assuming various identities, such as doctors and pilots, proved to be his “sweet spot” for fraudulent activities.

His criminal endeavors eventually led to his arrest in France in 1969, where he was sentenced to four months in prison, serving three. Extradited to Sweden, he faced further conviction for gross fraud by forgery and served two months in prison. Despite being required to compensate his Swedish victims, Abagnale never fulfilled this obligation. In June 1970, he was deported back to the United States.

The Pursuit of Infamy

Upon his return, Abagnale continued his impersonations, targeting college campuses and passing bad checks while posing as a pilot recruiting flight attendants for Pan Am. His audacious schemes gained the attention of the FBI, leading to his arrest in Georgia in November 1970 for cashing multiple fake Pan Am payroll checks. Although he briefly escaped from local jail, he was eventually apprehended in New York City. Forging checks earned him a ten-year prison sentence, with an additional two years for escaping custody. After serving two years in the Federal Correctional Institution in Petersburg, Virginia, he was released on parole.

Redemption and Contributions

A New Direction

Following his release, Abagnale faced challenges in securing long-term employment due to his criminal history. Despite assuming the role of a pilot once again in 1974, he was arrested for stealing cameras at a Texas summer camp. Realizing the need for change, especially with a wife and three sons to support, he embarked on a journey towards redemption.

From Informant to Educator

Abagnale’s unique insights and firsthand knowledge of fraud prompted him to collaborate with the FBI as an undercover informant for over 30 years. He used his experiences to educate others and founded Abagnale & Associates, a company dedicated to fraud prevention. Additionally, he authored books like “The Art of the Steal” and “Stealing Your Life,” which offer invaluable guidance on avoiding fraudulent schemes.

Recognizing his expertise, the AARP appointed Abagnale as their Fraud Watch Ambassador in 2015. In this role, he actively engages in onlineĀ programs and community forums to raise awareness about identity theft and cybercrime prevention. In 2018, Abagnale further expanded his reach by hosting the AARP podcast titled “The Perfect Scam,” providing valuable insights and advice to protect individuals from falling victim to scams.

Media Appearances and Cinematic Legacy

Abagnale’s captivating story has attracted significant media attention over the years. He has made multiple appearances on “The Tonight Show” and had a regular slot on the British TV series “The Secret Cabaret” in the 1990s. Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film adaptation of his life, “Catch Me If You Can,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Abagnale, garnered critical acclaim. In a delightful twist, the real Frank Abagnale even made a cameo appearance in the film as a French police officer arresting DiCaprio’s character.

Personal Life and Continued Contributions

Frank Abagnale’s personal life has undergone transformation alongside his professional journey. He and his wife, Kelly, have three sons. After their children left home for college, the couple decided to relocate from Tulsa to Charleston, South Carolina, marking a new chapter in their lives.

Even as he enjoys his net worth of $10 million, Abagnale remains committed to educating and protecting individuals from fraud. His remarkable journey from a notorious criminal to a trusted consultant and advocate for fraud prevention serves as an inspiration to many.


Frank Abagnale’s net worth of $10 million represents not only the financial success he has achieved but also the remarkable transformation he underwent. From his early days as a check forger and impostor to his role as a renowned security consultant and educator, Abagnale’s story is one of redemption and contribution. Through his company, Abagnale & Associates, and his involvement with organizations like the AARP, he continues to make a significant impact in the fight against fraud. As his cinematic legacy lives on and his expertise remains sought after, Frank Abagnale stands as a testament to the power of redemption and the importance of vigilance in the face of fraud.