The latest technology has left no stone unturned to make an incredible industrial advancement. At present, amanufacturer can attain maximum production with minimal efforts. The globalization has opened doors tomany inventions; one such marvel is CNC plasma cutting machine.

What is a CNC Cutting Machine?

Day by day, one will observe a rising demand for OEM and ODM products in the market, which means the manufacturing of original equipment and design. If you are a person who is working in this field, then the CNC machine will not be an unknown name for you.

Plasma Cutting Machine With Rotary

CNC refers to Computer Numerical Control; it is a computerized system where a device is automated — gone all those days of the complex manufacturing process.Automation made every process a cakewalk, without compromising efficiency and smoothness of work.

A quick search on the internet, however, is enough to muddle your mind with confusion. It is indeed hard to decide which product will deliver the best performance and last for a long time. Thankfully, there is a company that stands out among the rest. Merely glancing at the quality of its products will ensure your heart with confidence that it is a cut above the rest.

The Best CNC Plasma Cutting Machines Supplier

Many people hail Baokun as one of the best plasma cutting manufacturers. It has been thriving in this field fortwenty years. Being a customer-oriented company, it has spared no opportunity to serve and make customers happy from more than 90 countries. It will be no surprise if the company takes the entire world by the storm shortly.

Baokun CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Advantages

Baokun has brought in a CNC Plasma Cutting machine for every industrialist. You can take advantage ofautomated components of this machine by cutting metal plates, sheet metal, bolts, pipes, straps, and so on. If the above information is not enough to fill your heart with trust, then rest assured more than being experienced and customer-friendly, Baokun always put forward its work than self-promotion. Here are some advantages you will get if you buy a plasma cutting machine manufactured by Baokun.

  • Top-notch equipment

One who doesn’t upgrade oneself as per the time; such a person or thing cannot keep up with the world. Baokun has always been an exception to that saying.

CNC plasma cutting machine made by Baokun is equipped with advanced technology. The more sophisticated the device is, the more production you can attain.

  • Power

Baokun’s CNC plasma machine features the cutting speed of 0-8000mm/min. It also has atremendous working voltage power of 380v,1 phase/220v,1 phase. You can customize this model as per your needs.

  • Multi-functionality

Rare are those products that give multiple functions, but you can expect them in this CNC plasma cutting machine. Let this incredible machine deal with your worry of achieving high production daily. You can use it for various purposes such as shipbuilding, industrial manufacturing, metal fabrication, machinery development, steel production, job shop development, automotive production, and HVAC sheet metal fabrication.

  • Approved all overtheworld

With functionality comes stamp of approval, this CNC plasma machine has got a seal of FDA CE certification. Nothing is more assuring when a customer is aware that he or she is buying a well-trusted product.

  • Warranty

Nothing gets any better when you get an assurance of three years. Not every company gives such a long year of warranty.

The points mentioned above are primary advantages, along with them, you can avail custom packing and custom logo. Do not forget Baokun has won customers from 90 countries. Keep in mind all of the advantageswe have put forward.

It’s always wise to look for utility value than cost. Hardly any other machine can match the functions provided by Baokun’s CNC Plasma Machine. Do not confusion muddle your mind anymore.

Know more about CNC Plasma Cutting Machines


If you are a budding business person, then having a CNC plasma cutting machines will undoubtedly give a boost in the production capabilities. The higher the production, the better the growth in income.

CNC plasma cutting machine is equipped with every feature to enhance efficiency, quality, versatility, and satisfying results. You can use in every industrial operation ranging from all sizes and scopes.

CNC Plasma Cutting vs. Other Cutting Methods

In the market, you will come across various methods of cutting conductive materials.

CNC waterjets cutter is commonly known for its mixture of abrasive or pressurized water. The buyer gets a benefit of zero heat-affected zones so that one can expect no alteration in the material.

These days even CNC machines that run on oxy-fuel are available for purchase. The oxy-fuel is nothing but composition of gases and oxygen; this technique has been in use for over a hundred years. The machine is famous for its blast of streamed oxygen on a heated metal; it is also used for increasing temperature and turning the metal into flowing oxide.

CNC plasma cutting machine, however, will always have the upper hand when it comes to variety of systemsand other usages. It features a plasma torch to cut through conductive materials up to 3” thick at high speed.This machine turns electrical arc into plasma in no time.

You can expect enhanced cutting speed, precision, efficiency, and productivity, only from a CNC Plasma cutter that no other method can provide. So, it is no wonder so many people are demanding this machine compared to the other two.

Choosing the Right CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

After knowing about every possible aspect of a CNC plasma cutter, everything boils down to choosing the right one. You have to look for all factors before investing. The best CNC plasma cutting machine will never let you down with quality, durability, reality, and cost. Your business will undoubtedly see a surge in growth if the machinery is perfect.

Do not forget, however, to consider the size of machines and the types of materials you want to cut through. The width and length of equipment will also play a pivotal role, better equip yourself with the understanding ofinvesting in a perfect machine.

Why not go to website made by Baokun for getting an elite CNC plasma cutting machine? You can feel free to contact the company and request a quote.


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